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Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animals!

No, I’m not insulting your hygiene or your social skills. (Though, please do feel free to insult mine. I’m on day three of my winter-break-slash-research-bender and bathed maybe once in that time.)  My kids and I have been watching Home Alone the past few mornings while I drink my coffee and they eat their Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs with 2% milk so I can pretend I’m a good parent.  You know that line from Angels With Filthy Souls?  My kids are adding that to pretty much everything they say.  Because they really, truly are that awesome. =D

We’re having a good time, at the end of this insane year.  We’re reacquainting ourselves with hilarity after months and months of overwhelming responsibility and inescapable seriousness.  I’ve got a couple of papers still out for review.  I’ve got a story submitted to Canada Writes.  I’ve got a scholarship nomination that I haven’t heard back about, and about which I am losing hope by the day.  I’ve got a conference talk in February that I’m excited and terrified about.  I’ve got a beautiful family and a loving husband and more blessings than I can count.

So, Merry Christmas, my friends.  I’ve been away a lot and I’ll be away a lot more, but I miss you and I hope you are well.

Hugs from,




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